About us

At Colorvelvet Australia we believe anyone can be an artist. We love to nourish people’s creativity with colours and easy-to-do art and craft kits.

With our ‘Feel & Colour‘ and ‘Play & Colour‘ colouring kits you can have fun while creating stunning Masterpieces!


All our colouring kits are made in Italy from safe high quality materials.

COLORVELVET┬« catchy and intricate designs are printed with super-fine black velvet on special white card-stock.

CARIOCA┬« texters, glitters, gel pens, neon pens, watercolors, crayons,  tempera colours and art & craft kits are designed to free the imaginative powers of adults and children in a shared play of creativity and dexterity.


Simply let creativity take over and be inspired by the amazing designs and colours.

Colouring-in our kits is super-easy and enjoyable by kids and grown-ups of all ages, as the velvety edges assist with keeping inside lines!

Colorvelvet Australia creative products make awesome sensory gifts for any special occasions, as they can entertain children and adults creatively during school holidays and rainy days, at home, child care centres, nursing homes, aged care centres and waiting rooms.